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Editorial October 2016

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Danger of street hypnosis, Ethics and Early Morning Thoughts...

by  Franck Garden-Brèche




Early Morning Thoughts are these special moments that  Ernest L. Rossi teaches us to live ; the between of two consciences, somewhere on the borders of sleep and awakening, at the inception of a new day. A moment when seconds are suspended amongst the morning mists of thought. At the heart of these unexplored moors, we can go to cool to the sources16382686067 ebd9b79238 m of our creativity. This is when do emerge solutions, answers, flashes of inspiration that we had been looking for in vain for days perched atop our rational conscience. While the body gently awakens and finds its proprioceptive marks back, our imagination, our unconscious, sublimated by a night full of dreams, finds its way to the climax of potential changes.
You will have certainly understood that – provided that we pay attention to this - here lies what we need to move forward, to develop and reach our goal… 
But just as those ephemeral time portals which are wide open onto new fantastic worlds, still dear to my current readings as they where during my teens’, these Early Morning Thoughts are equally fleeting if one does not make sure to hold them back. They could be quite fresh in one’s mind and then vanish for ever in a second.

They bear the stamp of a spontaneous trance just waiting to perpetuate itself through daily practice. And patience should show us that if at first pad and pencil are in order, we could easily get rid of them to treasure this gift that we offer to oneself. 


A too present practice...

Since the beginning of the summer, one specific subject was becoming more and more imperative for the new editorial of HypnoKairos. Even if the sun was not always here, this hot topic is present in all the media be they it written, oral or visual.

Everyday Google alerts flash with various articles in all languages on this phenomenon that spreads like a disease. It is captivating more and more people. It sometimes causes stormy debates and also collateral damage not without consequence for the people who are to become the patients of our own therapies because of this kind of damage.

It flourishes out from schoolyards to street corners, from YouTube videos to -unfortunately- some training institutes. On the pretense of being popular and becoming even populist; and slyly aware that it is hidden behind the idea of democratizing the practice of hypnosis – which would be as useless as it is perverted without any legitimate goal or elementary precaution – it convinces some that they have a kind of supreme power over other people.

Isn’t that how abuses arise ? The kind of abuses against which we have to fight when it’s too late ? The subject is already being debated during congresses and training sessions in all Hypnosis societies, be they national, European or international.


Legislation is needed...

A consensus is gradually emerging but it will not have an effect without any legislation. This legislation does exist in some countries which have long chosen to ban this problem. Elsewhere, nothing changes and this infection grows because of the curiosity or even the desire of some, or of the surprise, the lack of concern, and the gullibility of others.

I’m sure you have understood that we are speaking of street hypnosis, this gutter hypnosis...


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On one side...

Patients mindfully come into our consultation places to meet health professionals, hypnosis-trained practitioners with a code of ethics and who are concerned with the help they are to provide. The goals and means are clear. Everything is explained. The ‘health contract’ is on both sides.


On the other one...

In contrast, the passers-by are brutally approached by so-called hypnotists, who of course are not health professionals and whose only true objective is to show their ability in taking over their victims. Violent induction, total lack of respect and free-will, as well as lack of  reassociation make the subject drown into a downward spiral. Besides the discomfort of the encounter, they find themselves in ludicrous situations in public in the middle of a wry crowd. The subjects are then left without aid, often still dissociated, wondering what happened to them...
The aggressor has no sooner vanished among the crowd to look for another pray. The official line of those gutter hypnotists reeks of demagogy.  They want to show that hypnosis is not a privilege of health professionals and that it is not restricted to what they consider as an ‘elite’ which - according to them - seeks to keep the secrets.

Today it’s hypnosis, maybe tomorrow the same frauds might themselves imagine, who knows, democratizing surgery and start operating on passers-by. Maybe then would our institutions, from the medical board to departments, feel concerned about this and call it an unauthorized practice of medicine. A scalpel in the capable hands of a surgeon can save lives. In the hands of some a Hannibal Lecter or a Dexter, it surely becomes a lethal weapon, ready to cut a throat. You’ll agree that there is nothing to fear from the scalpel itself but from the one who holds it.


Time to react...
The same applies to hypnosis. This is why now is the time to react, to inform of the risks related to those harmful practices. Children have already tried to copy what they have seen on the Net or in the streets. Several newspaper articles include stories of the fire brigade or the emergency ambulance service having to respond to cases of deviant and unexpected behavior from people who were simply in trance. It even sometimes lead to dangerous and unnecessary hospitalizations for the patients as well as for the search and emergency teams – who surely have other real tasks to carry out.

Even more despicable is the fact that ‘real’ health professionals, easily lured by the siren song of a pseudo power brought by directive and rapid inductions which are ego-strengthening, have started making big mistakes with their patients. If we do need to ‘go fast’ during an induction, my profession as an emergency doctor enabled me to observe that even in extreme moments of pain and stress, this great show saying ‘Sleep, I command thee’ - just as the rest of its instructions- is useless. We surely have many other permissive inductions which are  efficient and respectful.

Surely enough, the caregiver has to take a one-down position and this is not easy for all. A few days later when -‘by accident’- we come across  the very same patients we had in consultation, they  tell us  that they have undergone street hypnosis or some Messmer hypnosis at their dentist or physio. For their first hypnosis consultation, they asked if this time – quote - ‘ they will be able to speak a bit about what they are here for and about hypnosis before they are jumped on to be hypnotized’


My “Early Morning Thoughts” have enabled  me to find the words for this editorial, and to set out the cat among the pigeons before they devour us, and thus tearing down all the care,  respect and ethics that  Milton H. Erickson and many others have taught us to help our patients find their answers.

Instead of turning to the dark side and destroying the wonderful therapeutic tool that is hypnosis, let’s use the coming months to have it officially recognized by our institutions. Let’s develop trainings that are more therapeutic than spectacular. And maybe use this period to explain to our patients all the benefits  they can gain from hypnotherapy...

Primum non nocere…   (First, do no harm)


(Translation: Frédéric Delacour and Tiphaine)
(Pictures: Éric Trotel)


Editorial May 2016

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A new born in St-Malo (France)

A few days ago, the doors of the 'Palais du Grand Large' in Saint-Malo have just closed on a muffled silence. The illuminated footlights of the 'Chateaubriand' lecture hall are still cooling down and listening to the past emotions rebounding to life on the walls… This 6th international congress on 'Hypnosis and Pain', which was organized by Emergences, has come out to be the cradle of your new International Hypnosis Journal entitled 'HypnoKairos', pure coincidence (or not that pure, is it !). Ple nie re claudeConceived during lunch at home and throughout a series of chaotic events, this idea has finally required 3 short weeks, numerous friends and international colleagues to simply come to life in the presence of the people attending the congress. First of all Stephanie, my partner in life, attentive to this wild idea, and then Jean-Francois Marquet, Richard Gagnon and Kenton Kaiser, have accepted to join me on this project in a matter of hours. Claude Virot has immediately brought his moral and logistic support in becoming the head of the International Scientific Committee. Then came in thirty six hypnosis practitioners from all around the world to blend up this committee. Among them are 'celebrities' who have been sharing their knowledge with us for many years. They have taught us everything. There are also younger ones, rising stars for the future of the profession; the ones who should write the roots of the future. 




They all said 'Yes' to the Scientific Committee Project

All the projects are based on the hope that it will carry along convictions. HypnoKairos has outshined what one can imagine : the unhesitating support of all those healthcare professionals despite their tight schedules. They have said 'yes' to provide the scientific and pedagogical value of what will become - we hope so - one of the references in this infinite universe named the Internet, a source of resources for all practitioners using hypnosis and brief therapy. In this boundless momentum, one should not forget the ones without whom our baby-born  wouldn't have a life of its own. They have stood over the crib, godfathers and godmothers, attentive during the presentation of the project and full of generosity just after granting their trust and their funds. This was one of a great moment seeing you come supporting us in the Palais just after the presentation of the project; or just telling us that this was what you had been waiting for: a new unifying project which would be at the same time benevolent, full of sharing, exchange and communication, respectful of all, using a modern and multimedia means.


'Yes you can!'Pre sentation kairos

A few minutes later, another occurrence of this 'providence' gave me the opportunity to say to you 'Yes You Can !'*, and to share with you the emotions of a job dealing with the moments when everything goes down, when lives fall apart at the corner of the street. These moments when the ephemeral shows its intense and unforgettable wealth. From the glances, we have shared with those we shall never meet again, to the words that heal fear and distress. The ancient Greeks have given a name to such moments when everything can change, this fleeting moment. It is Kairos and is embodied by a young man wearing a tuft of hair on the forehead. When you come across him, either you don't see him, either you see him and do not do anything, or you grasp his tuft of hair and then life changes. Something happens. A split second to decide, act or live with remorse and regrets. During this simple lunch at home, as often in life, and provided that one is attentive, it was a moment of Kairos. I cannot bring myself to ignore these opportunities, therefore the Journal should bear this name. We have fully grasped this second. When one wants something, when one believes in something, everything can come true if one gives oneself the means. Even if the initial response are, for some, to always see the impossible and the obstacles, all this merely brings incentive, acceleration and energy. 


Why this HypnoKairos symbol?Hypnokairos englishsmall

Then remained trying to imagine the first symbol image for HypnoKairos. I wanted to put together hypnosis, openness towards discovery, investigation of new perspectives, space for freedom of thinking and doing, and also the idea that this Journal could build bridges between all the countries in the world. It became obvious to use the image of the “hands of Ernest L. Rossi” gently around our beautiful blue planet, with the starry sky behind, as an opening towards the future. Nothing is frozen in our thinking. This logo might come to change one day with our creativity, as a symbol of change and of all what today's hypnosis  and brief therapy bring us to move towards tomorrow.


A special thanks to our friend Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse)

BpfgbAs if he wanted to put the finishing touch and put away the final doubts, Bertrand Piccard has offered us his message directly from Phoenix, Arizona. At the time, everybody told him it was unfeasible to go around the world by plane without a drop of oil, only using solar energy. One could say of him : 'believing is succeeding'. With his team around, he simply did it. A life lesson that teaches us the humbleness we sorely need with our patients and our peers…

Just a few notes from 'Imagine' by  John Lennon for an inner journey looking for all what it is to change for each of us, and also to express to you my gratitude because, thanks to you…

'Si podemos !' **

'Oui, nous pouvons !' **


Franck Garden-Breche

(Translation by Frédéric Delacour)
(Congress Pictures : Didier Vervaecke)


* in English in the original French version.

** in English in the original French version. And in Spanish and french here to avoid repetition and respect the style of having another language.

Why this Kairos concept for your international therapeutic hypnosis webzine?

Kairos is the crucial instant of opportunity, of the fleeting moment.
It characterizes the moment.
So, Kairos is the 'moment M' of change: before, is too early, and after is too late
The Greek God Kairos is represented as a young man with only a tuft of hair on his head.


When he passes nearby, there is only three possibilities:
- You don’t see him;
- You see him and you donnot do anything;
- Or when he gets close, you hold out your hand and grab the chance by the hair (in antic Greek καιρὸν ἁρπάζειν). You seize the opportunity.

Therapeutic hypnosis has always been evolving. It has undergone a revival, thanks to the work of Milton H. Erickson, which has been constantly developing all around the world. The greatest names in this therapy based on change have followed in Erickson's footsteps, in order to provide hypnosis with a clinical and a neuro-scientific identity being asserted day after day.

The 2015 ISH congress in Paris, together with the 9th CFHTB forum, have gathered the highest number of participants and countries so far, and have won hearts and mindsThey were turning points towards the roots of the future.

This is how the idea of HypnoKairos came to life -  the international therapeutic hypnosis webzine...
Your international therapeutic hypnosis webzine, the webzine of its readers...


With the friendly support of :

Milton h erickson





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