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You're wishing to submit a paper

to the HypnoKairos Scientific Committee

for its on-line publication?

Here are the stages to follow:

- The author will be a healthcare professional, trained by an institute which is recognized by the site's Scientific Committee, and will respect HypnoKairos' charter of ethics.

- The article will be drafted under Word or Pages and sent to:


- The subject will deal with therapeutic hypnosis or brief therapies and will present:

  • a clinical case,
  • a technique,
  • your practice,
  • a concept illustrated by concrete application examples,
  • or a research study in neurosciences or in clinical practice.


- The length of the article is free.
The Editorial Committee reserves the right, if needed, to publish it in several parts.

- Content of the paper:

      The article has to contain:

  • a short summary,
  • a list of keywords for indexation on the site,
  • a title, subheads, and a bibliography,
  • illustration pictures or videos - you can send us your own illustrations pictures or videos. These will be personal or free of publication rights and will not show any patient in therapy. On the other hand, technique demonstrations on video with a volunteer practitioner can be published.
    Otherwise, the Editorial Committee will choose illustrations for the article.

- HypnoKairos is an international webzine. So for articles to be read by the largest number, we recommend you to send us an English and French version for its multilingual publication. The translation is the responsability of the author. Please indicate the name of the translator at the end of the document. HypnoKairos can provide the e-mail address of a translator at competitive prices.
As soon as possible, we hope to have pages in Spanish, Italian and German.

- Using the same e-mail address, the author will send a photo-portrait in JPEG format with a good definition as well as a short biography.


- As soon as received, the article will be forwarded to a group of readers from the Scientific Committee for validation before publication according to the criteria above. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to propose modifications to the authorabout the form of the article before publication.

- The author will be kept informed of:

  • the reception of the proposal,
  • the decision of the Scientific Committee,
  • the possible modifications proposed for the paper,
  • the date of publication after agreement by the Scientific Committee.

HypnoKairos will live from your papers and depends on your active participation for the benefit of all in this spirit of sharing therapeutic hypnosis and brief therapies.

The Editorial and Scientific Committees thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Hope to soon have the pleasure to read and to publish you.


Last edited: 29/07/2017

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