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What is the hypnotherapy?


The hypnotherapy could define itself as the therapeutic use of the hypnosis.

The hypnosis is a natural process usually observed in everyday life.

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They are these moments when the conscious attention "drops out" of what surrounds it, it is " to be absent-minded ". In therapy, by the use of specific techniques of communication, this mental functioning maybe leads and used by the therapist to help the patient to reach his/her goal and to allow him/her to find the resources which are necessary for him/her to answer in a way adapted to the situations that he/she meets.

A therapy which is also a learning...

It's like a learning and asks an active participation of the patient who becomes back an actor of his own life. Based on an essential therapeutic alliance, every patient benefits from an individual and specific approach according to his problem and to his situation. The human relation is there major. To hear, to listen to, to understand, to explain, to accompany are in the center of this practice.
Since March, 2013, the medical hypnosis is officially recognized as complementary therapy in an official report of the French Academy of Medicine. It doesn't substitutes itself with a medical consultation with diagnostic aim. Then, used only or as a supplement to other therapeutic tools, the hypnosis participates in the physical as psychological comfort.


Hypnosis must be practised by healthcare professionals only in their areas of competence...

Tool of the brief therapies, the hypnosis allows to reach the therapeutic goal fixed with the patient to a few weeks. It owes be practised only by healthcare professionals and within the framework of their skills.

The observation of the patient, of his verbal, paraverbal and non-verbal behavior is a major phase of the therapy. These specific ways of communication, associated to the indirect suggestions, to the metaphors, to the evocations in images will be so many tools at the disposal of the therapist to reach then, with the patient, the fixed objectives.

Consult mhe 2According to Milton H. Erickson (American psychiatrist 1901-1980): "it is a process of behavior in which the patients modify their relations with the environment. There is a change in the orientation to the reality, most of the time focused on the internal experiences of the patient in a therapeutic frame." "The unconscious has a wealth of skills and resources of changes".


Interests of the hypnotherapy

Montre doigt pointe finger tip tee shirts 1Help the patient to find his immediate capacity of action. Calm and reduce the physical and psychic pain.

Montre doigt pointe finger tip tee shirts 1Experience a positive change.

Montre doigt pointe finger tip tee shirts 1Activate a dynamic process allowing the implementation of new and relevant solutions.

Montre doigt pointe finger tip tee shirts 1Learn to trust his own unconscious resources. " Learn to know that we do not know that we know "
(M.H. Erickson).


Used alone or as a supplement to other therapeutic tools, the hypnosis and the brief therapies know a considerable number of indications for which the therapeutic effect was demonstrated by numerous clinical experiences during the last decades.

The hypnotherapy will be indicated either in first intention, or secondarily after the failure of the other therapeutic ways. 

What is the hypnotic state?

L hypnose modifie vraiment l activite cerebraleThe hypnotic state is a mental way of functioning, a modified state of consciousness, different from the waking state and from the sleep, usually observed in everyday life. They are all these moments when the aware attention "drops out" of what surrounds him. There is then a certain activation of unconscious functions. Milton H. Erickson called this phenomenon "the common trance of every day". It occurs physiologically on average every 90 minutes. Today the medical imaging allows, in particular thanks to the MRI, to demonstrate the modifactions of the cerebral activity during a session of hypnosis.


The indications of the hypnosis

The Hypnosis is not magic and it would be simplistic to say that it allows to cure everything; however, used by healthcare professionals in their area of competence, we observe frequently good results.

The list is long and not exhaustive...

Rheumatology and traumatology: positive results are noted in algodystrophies, chronic pains, acute pains.

Pneumology: asthma more particularly.

Neurology: migraines, insomnias, nervous tics, anxiety, treatment of the pain.

ENT: tinnitus, dizzinesses, disorders of the voice.

Psychiatry: all the neurosises (phobias of the plane, the agoraphobia, the phobia of insects, OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER), eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), aggressiveness, depressions, post-traumatic neurosis.

Psychotherapy: stress, professional burn-out, lack of confidence, shyness, preparations for the examinations, school problems, problems interpersonal skills, stop of the tobacco and the addicting conducts (gambling, video, Web games, etc.)

Sexology: dysfunctions of erection and ejaculation, vaginismus and other sexual dysfunctions.

Gastroenterology: digestive somatic and functional disorders, all the psychic components of hemorrhagic rectocolitis, Crohn's disease, and peptic-ulcer, functional colonopathy

Sports medicine: the visualization and the anticipation in hypnosis are used to improve the performances.

Dermatology: eczema, psoriasis, warts, pruritus.

Nutrition: for the therapy of the obesity or the thinness.

Oncology: use of the visualization in hypnosis to increase the action of the chemotherapy or the bone-marrow transplants. It is recognized that the hypnosis allows to increase the immunizing defense reactions.

La chirurgie se fait aussi sous hypnose0Anesthesia: the hypnosis is used in the operating block for the surgical operations of plastic surgery (face-lift, artificial breasts), thyroid surgery, endoscopy, carotid surgery. It demonstrated its efficiency in the preparation to every type of surgery: management of the operating stress, but also the pain and the nausea within the framework of the post-operative recovery.

Vascular pathology: certain arterial high blood pressures, Raynaud's disease.

Obstetrics: during the pregnancy, the hypnosis accompanies the future mom in a bigger comfort and helps her to manage her stress so frequent. It is also used in the preparation for the delivery.

Stomatology and dental surgery: thanks to the learning of the self-hypnosis, it facilitates the dental treatment by allowing a better control of the pain, the bleeding, the salivation. The hypnosis is also used in preparation for the dental treatment for the "phobic" patients of the dentist...

In general medicine: for the most part of the indications enumerated above, used alone or in complementarity of treatments introduced by the GP.

Coming soon on this page:

How to find a practitioner in therapeutic hypnosis?


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