Scientific Committee

The HypnoKairos' Scientific Committee

French speakers:

  • Philippe Aïm (France)Photo identite aim
    Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, former senior registrar in the faculty.
    Director of the institute UTHyL, educational Person in charge in the CHTIP.
  • Jean-Marc Benhaiem (France)Jmb
    Hypnosis Practitioner Therapeutic Pain Center Hôtel Dieu, Paris.          Director University Degree Medical Hypnosis, Paris VI
  • Gaston Brosseau (Quebec)Gaston brosseau 3
    Psychologist from Quebec who built himself a unique hypnotherapeutic universe, marking out its own landmarks, the whole coated with a distinctive vocabulary. He wonders and suggests an update of the paradigms of the hypnosis. He proposes a hypnosis to the pure state, returned to his simplest expression, stripped of any classic rite. It is this innovative pedagogy, that he professes in Quebec and in Europe, which made his reputation. Prize-winner of the Price Pierre Janet (2011) for the set of its works on the hypnosis. Pioneer of the immediate therapy, the nanoinductions, the vital and efficient aspect.
  • Isabelle Célestin-Lhopiteau (France)Image icl livre dunod
    Director of the IFPPC, French Institute of the Bodymind  Practices (, person in charge of the DIU of the bodymind practices and the integrative health, University Paris-Sud and Reunion Island
    Director of the DU Hypnosis and Anesthesia,
    University Paris-Sud
    Psychologist-psychotherapist, Center of evaluation and Treatment of the Pain, CHU BICÊTRE,
    President of the Association "Thérapies d'ici et d'Ailleurs"
  • ​Jérémy Cuna (France)​Jeremy
    Private practive psychologist, Emergences France trainer, coordinator of the prevention plan of Manche (France) of the suicide at the business managers in trouble. Psychologist referent of the psychological cell of the SNSM 50​ (Firefighters)
  • Stéphanie Delacour (France)
    Private Practice Clinical Psychologist (Argentan), ÉmergencesDelacour stephanie web Trainer (Rennes), court expert, member of RBN-SEP Normandie and Eret networks. Congress speaker
  • Tony Fournier (Québec)Tony fournier
    Private practice clinical psychologist, supervisor, speaker and trainer for several health organizations, was also a junior lecturer for the UQAR. Hypnosis psychotherapy practitioner, mainly with a clientele battling against physical affections. Interest marked for the bodymind techniques, the different states of consciousness and their impacts on the health.
    Member of the order of the psychologists of Quebec and the Quebec Society of Hypnosis (SQH).
  • Marc Galy (France)Marc Galy
    Former resident Regional Hospitals, Anesthaesiologist "Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph", Teacher "DU de la Pitié" (Paris) and Emergences (Rennes). Author of «Pourquoi l’Hypnose du bloc opératoire à la vie quotidienne» Sauramps Médical Edition
  • Yves Halfon (France)
  • Kenton Kaiser (France)Kenty

Dental Surgeon, Graduated from the M.H. Erickson Institute of California, Trainer in the Hypnosis center of Liege University, Belgium directed by the Pr M. E. Faymonville, Co-founder, secretary and trainer of AFHMD, the French-speaking association of medical and dental hypnosis, Founder of the website, Co-founder & Co-owner of Hypnoteeth Sarl, International Speaker

  • Michel Landry (Québec)Michel landry photo 2
    Private practice clinical psychologist, Montreal 
    Past-président of SQH - Quebec society of hypnosis 
    Coordinator of the scientific committee, in-service training director for the SQH
    President of the organizing committee of the ISH Congress Montreal 2018
    Speaker, trainer, teacher
  • Guillaume Mathé (France)Photo gm 1
    Private Practice Physiotherapist
    Therapist and trainer in clinical hypnosis
    Member of the board of directors of the CFHTB
    President of IMELyon (France)
  • Hervé Musellec (France)Musellec
    Anesthesiologist MD, CHP Saint-Grégoire (Rennes) France
    Former Assistant and Senior Registrar of the Faculty of Medicine Rennes.
    Training in medical hypnosis (acute pain), Dr Claude Virot, Émergences
    University Degree of medical hypnosis, Faculty Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris VI, CHU Pitié-Salpétrière.
    Co-author " The communication in the care; medical hypnosis and relational techniques " (Ed Arnette, with Dr F Bernard)
  • Myriam N'Ciri (Morocco)Myriam nciri le 1 janv 2016 9
    General practitioner, Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux,
    Executive Coach PARIS HEC.
    Introduced to the hypnosis by Dr Jean Becchio in 2008.
    Founding president of the AMHYC, the Moroccan association of clinical hypnosis created in 2010.
    Director of the Cabinet Esculape in Casablanca, trainer since 9 years of healthcare professionals with workshops " Better communication and self knowledges for a better own healing" in which she introduces in particular the practice of the hypnosis.
  • Emmanuel Repingon (France)E repingon
    Psychiatrist and psychotherapist,
    Hospital Practitioner in "Centre Hospitalier de Montan"
    Administrator of the IMHETO,
    Teacher of the University Degree of the Medical School of Toulouse
  • Armelle Touyarot (France)Armelle touyarot
    Midwife and psychotherapist, Private practice, Toulouse (France)
    Master's degree in ericksonian therapy Ericksonian Center of Mexico, Mexico City
    Trainer, supervisor, speaker in hypnosis and brief therapies with various international institutes.
    Teacher for universities degree of hypnosis
    Author of several papers on the hypnosis
    Author of "Premier Pas": a french guide of self-preparation for the childbirth by the hypnosis, Brussels, SATAS, 2006. Spanish translation by Teresa Robles, Alom Editor (Mexique) "Guia de auto-preparacion para el parto que sueñas tener".
    Translator of numerous works on the hypnosis and the brief therapies
    Co-creator and moderator of the network " Hypnosis and maternity"
  • Alain Vallée (France)Valle e
    Founding chairman of Arepta,
    Milton Erickson Institute of Nantes France.
    Former hospitals psychiatrist, he uses to be know psychotherapist and trainer. Lecturer in several universities graduations, he's teaching hypnosis and brief therapy too among several european institutes.

International Committee: 

Director : Claude Virot (France)

  • Brian Allen (Australia)
  • Susanna Carolusson (Sweden)Susannafoto

    MSc. Psychology, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Certified University supervisor and teacher, hypnotherapist, body psychotherapist. Experience: paediatrics, psychiatry, organisational psychol., private practice since 1988. Educational director Swed Soc f Clin Hypn. Published 2 books, co-authored 4 books and written 20 articles on hypnosis and psychotherapy. Honorary member and past president of SSCH. A frequent teacher at International congresses.

  • Consuelo Casula (Italy)Consuelo casula

    Psychologist and psychotherapist with a private practice in Milan, Italy
    President of the European Society of Hypnosis, (ESH) (2014-2017); member of the Board of Directors of Società Italiana di Ipnosi (SII) since 2006; and Secretary of the Council of Representatives of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) (2015-2018) where she served as Secretary/Treasurer (2009-2012) and as board member (2012-2015).
    In her work she integrates hypnosis with pragmatic, systemic and strategic approaches, and hypnotherapy with mindfulness, Somatic Experience and Footprintings in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and psychological traumas.
    She gives lectures and workshops at ESH, ISH, ASCH, Milton Erickson Foundation congresses, in Europe, USA, Mexico, and Brazil.
    She has written several articles and books on communication skills, leading groups, creating metaphors, resilience and women’s development. The book on metaphors has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese and French: the German and the English translation are in progress. The book on resilience has been translated into French.

  • Giuseppe de Benedittis (Italy)De benedittis

    M.D., Ph.D, Univ. of Padua, bachelor 1968; Univ. of Milan. Specialty Neurosurgery, 1974; Psychiatry, 1978; Anesthesiology, 1993.
    Current Position: Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Milan, 1986-. Director of the Pain Research & Treatment Unit, Univ. of Milan, 1988-2014. Vice-President of the Italian Society of Hypnosis, 1993-; Member of the Board and Vice-Chairperson of the International Society of Hypnosis, 2009
    Current Activities : Chief manager and clinical coordinator of a multidisciplinary assessment program and multimodal treatment approach to chronic pain syndromes (headache, cancer pain, neuropathic pain, etc.); also concerned with pain measurement, pain and stress-related disorders, physiopathological mechanisms and treatment of neuropathic pain.  Moreover , basic and clinical research in hypnosis, with particular reference to hypnotic analgesia"
    Publications: 210 publs. and 8 monographs (mainly on pain and hypnosis topics).
    Awards: Honorary Member of the Hungarian Hypnosis Society (2008), Ernest Hilgard Award for Scientific Excellence, International Society of Hypnosis (2009)

  • Mickhail Ginsburg (Russia)Mikhail ginzburg photo

    PsyD, Professor. Head of scientific Council of Moscow university of psychology and sociology. Leader of the program of ericksonian hypnosis in the Moscow institute of individual and group psychology and psychotherapy. Co-author of the manual “Ericksonian hypnosis: a systematic course”.

  • Mark Jensen (USA)Jensen photo color 110113
    Ph.D., Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA.  He has been studying chronic pain and helping individuals better manage chronic pain for over 30 years.  He has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and other funding agencies to study the efficacy and mechanisms of various treatments for chronic pain, including hypnosis.  He has published extensively (five books and over 400 articles and book chapters) on the topics of pain assessment and treatment.  His book on the use of hypnosis for chronic pain management (Hypnosis for Chronic Pain:  Therapist Guide, published by Oxford University Press) won the 2011 Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Arthur Shapiro Award for Best Book on Hypnosis.
  • Dan Kohen (USA)Dpkportrait

    M.D., FAAP, ABMH, “Dr. Dan” is a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician in part-time private practice with Partners-in-Healing of Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA).  He is retired after 35 years as Professor of Pediatrics in the Departments of Pediatrics and Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota. Co-Founder and Co-Director of NPHTI, the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute ( which began in 2010. Co-author (with Dr. Karen Olness) of the definitive text on child hypnosis, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy with Children 4th ed (2011), which also has been translated to and published in German and French.  Dr. Kohen is also the author of over 90 published manuscripts, abstracts, and book chapters.
    2012 Pierre Janet Award for Clinical Excellence from the International Society of Hypnosis and in 2013 – the first Daniel P. Kohen award for the most important contributions to child hypnotherapy, from the 7th Kindertagung Child Hypnosis Congress in Heidelberg.                                    

  • Shaul Livnay (Israel)Shaul livney

    PhD, Clinical & School Psychologist in Private Practice. Former President of the Israeli Society of Hypnosis (IsSH), member of ISH BOD since the mid 90"s, former president of ESH & Chair of Education Committee (CEPE), practicing psychotherapist& hypnotherapist, training in Hypnosis in Israel & Europe.

  • Maria-Laura Fasciana-Loriedo (Italy)Loriedo ml

    Psychologist, family psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, specialized in working with children and adolescents, in Rome, Italy. She is also member of the Italian Society of Hypnosis (SII), teacher of the Italian Milton Erickson Society and teacher in the Training Program of the Italian School of Hypnosis and Ericksonian Psychotherapy.
    Main publications:
    Fasciana, M.L. (2009) (a cura di) L’ipnosi con i bambini e gli adolescenti. Tecniche psicoterapeutiche in età evolutiva. Franco Angeli, Milano
    Fasciana, M.L. (2014) (a cura di) Storytelling. Storie terapeutiche per aiutare bambini e genitori ad aiutarsi (2014) Franco Angeli, Milano

  • Camillo Loriedo (Italy)
  • Ali Ozden Ozturk (Turkey)Osturk

    He is the founder member and the current President of Society of Medical Hypnosis (THD), Turkiye; former BOD member of European Society of Hypnosis (ESH); holder of European Certificate of Hypnosis (ECH); member of ESH; member of International Society of Hypnosis (ISH). 
    As being a hypnosis trainer and supervisor, certified acupuncturist, positive psychotherapist and family consultant, he also makes interdisciplinary studies to elaborate, understand and improve the mechanism of hypnosis better.
    Besides his studies in numerous universities, he has had his private practice for over 36 years with applications of AUCH© (Awareness Under Conscious Hypnosis) for pain management, surgery and obstetrics, hypnoanestesia, psychosomatic medicine, positive psychotherapy, family therapy, hypnoacupuncture etc.

  • Teresa Robles (Mexico)

    Anthropology Master Doc​1967, PhD 1984. ISH member since 1993 and ISH Board of Directors 1999-2009. Centro Ericksoniano de México since 1999. Publications in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the MHE Fundation in 2011 for her Contributions to the Field of Psychotherapy and in 2015, the "Pierre Janet Clinical Excellence Award" from ISH.

  • Nicole Ruyschaert (Belgium)Nr2

    MD, Psychiatrist-psychotherapist, Immediate Past - President of the ESH - European Society of Hypnosis, Board of Directors Member of ISH – International Society of Hypnosis, Past- President and BoD member of VHYP – Flemish Scientific Hypnosis Society. 
    As a psychiatrist she worked in different mental health centers and in a private practice since 1979.
    She took further training in CBT, hypnosis and EMDR.
    She currently works fulltime in her private practice in Antwerp (Belgium). She is trainer and supervisor in hypnosis and in psycho-traumatology.
    She has been ESH Newsletter editor 2005-2011 and co-editor 2011-2014 and has lectured and has given workshops in many international hypnosis congresses and was invited to give workshops and training in many hypnosis societies in Belgium, Europe and all over the world in Dutch, English and French. She regularly reviews books on hypnosis.
    She feels committed to continue contributing to the evolution and spread of hypnosis in practice and research.

  • Enayatollah Shahidi (Iran)Enayatollah shahidi

    MD, is a licensed Medical Doctor specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy residing in Tehran-Iran. He is a well-recognized author, translator, lecturer, and therapist in the fields of medical and psychological hypnosis. He has been practicing hypnotherapy since 1994 and teaching clinical hypnosis to the professional since 2001.He is currently the Vice-president, Treasurer, and Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of Iranian Scientific Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ISSCH). In the latest International Hypnosis Congress of Paris he has been elected as a Board Member and Co-Chair of the Education and Training Committee of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) for the years 2015 to 2018. In recent years he has always been a faculty member of the most important International Hypnosis Congresses. Although his full first name is Enayatollah, his friends call him Enayat.

  • Bernhard Trenkle (Germany)Bernhard trenckle
    Dipl.Psych., Dipl.Wi.-Ing. Director of the Milton Erickson Institute Rottweil Germany.
    President-Elect International Society of Hypnosis ISH
    BOD of Milton Erickson Foundation Phoenix since 1999
    Past President of Milton Erickson Gesellschaft M.E.G. (1996-2003).
    1999 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Milton Erickson Foundation.
    2012 Milton Erickson Award M.E.G.
    2012 Pierre Janet Award for Clinical Excellence ISH (International Society of Hypnosis). Author or editor of more than 10 German language books. Editor of the German Editions of Collected Papers of Milton Erickson
    Organizer of many congresses and workshops which have been attended by more than 35.000 people the last 35 years.
    Organizer (with his Rottweil Team) of 19th International Hypnosis Congress 2012 in Bremen (2300 participants)
    European Organizer (with Jeffrey Zeig)  of the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference 1994 in Hamburg Germany (6.000 participants).
    Organizer of 8 child hypnosis conferences in Germany which have been attended by more than 9000 participants.
    Organizer and Co-Organizer of several other large congresses with more than 1000 participants.
    Teaching Hypnotherapy regularly in Europe, South Africa and China (via Beijing University and DCAP)
    Author of Hahandbook of Psychotherapy, Serious of jokes a best-selling book in Germany which is published also in USA , Russia, Italy and in preparation  for China, Poland and for other countries)
  • Katalin Varga (Hungary)Varga katalin4b

    Assistant professor at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), the head of the Department of Affective Psychology, and past president of the Hungarian Association of Hypnosis. She was awarded a Postgraduate Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1986-1990) to study the subjective experiences associated with hypnosis and the role of suggestions in critical states. She was awarded her degree of “Doctor of University” (ELTE) in 1991, and a PhD in 1997 on comparing the subjective and behavioral effects of hypnosis. For the past 20 years she has been working with patients in a hospital setting –  mostly critically ill patients – applying suggestive and hypnosis techniques. She is the founder and professor of the postgraduate training of suggestive communication in somatic medicine, co-organized by the Hungarian Association of Hypnosis and Semmelweis University School of Medicine, Budapest.  She has published numerous articles which present her research findings hypnosis, and the clinical experiences on the application of suggestive techniques with the critically ill.
    Member of the ISH BOD

  • Martin Wall (UK)

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  • redacchef
    Thanks Shaul for your CV. Would you be able to send me a picture of you for the Scientific Committee Page on ? The one I've got is a beat too little...
    And of course you should send us papers from Israël as soon as you wish to be published ;)
    Warmest regards
  • livnays456
    • 2. livnays456 On 31/05/2016
    Shaul Livnay PhD:
    Clinical & School Psychologist in Private Practice. Former President of the Israeli Society of Hypnosis (IsSH), member of ISH BOD since the mid 90"s, former president of ESH & Chair of Education Committee (CEPE), practicing psychotherapist & hypnotherapist, training in Hypnosis in Israel & Europe.

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